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UNSW salary sacrifice membership

Work for the uni. Workout at the uni.

If you work for UNSW, you can enjoy a discounted membership at UNSW Fitness & Aquatic Centre. We offer salary sacrifice packages, so your membership and personal training fees come straight out of your pay.

Here are the options:


  • 3 months from $57/fortnight – total cost $346
  • 12 months from $36/fortnight – total cost $914

Personal Training

  • 30 minute 10 pack $476 
  • 60 minute 10 pack $729


How do you sign up?

Just come into the centre and talk to one of our staff. You’ll need your UNSW staff ID or something to show you’re a staff member.

Terms and conditions

All standard Membership Terms and Conditions apply. In addition, the following conditions also apply to Salary Sacrifice Memberships:


All salary sacrifice fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Membership cancellation

Salary Sacrifice memberships do not have the option to cancel. Memberships are entered with the commitment to have the designated amount (dependant on membership type) deducted from the members’ salary. Salary sacrifice deductions will cease once a staff member takes "leave without pay" or resigns from the University. I will notify UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre/UNSW Human Resources immediately of my resignation from the University. In such cases, I would have one final deduction for the balance of my membership. I understand this deduction cannot be made pre-tax from any annual leave or LSL entitlements. I will need to make arrangements with UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre directly to pay any remaining outstanding membership fees. The centre reserves the right to cancel this membership agreement and request return of membership cards at its discretion.

Membership suspension

The option to suspend is available on a 12 month salary sacrifice membership only.

A member may suspend their membership up to 2 times per year. All suspensions must be in 2 week increments and be a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 28 days. A suspension can be for any reason. No fee is charged for suspension. Members are required to fill out a Membership Amendment form in centre 14 days prior to suspension dates and ensure all membership payments are up to date. Members must advise if at any time they will be taking leave without pay. Suspending your membership will not affect your salary sacrifice deductions. Deductions will continue during the suspended period. Your membership will be extended by the nominated period of time to suspend. UNSW Fitness & Aquatic Centre management will assess any suspensions in the case of sabbatical or work related leave on a case by case basis.

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