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Meet our Personal Trainer Melody

28 Aug 2018
Meet our Personal Trainer Melody

Certificate IV Personal Training
Certificate III Fitness
First Aid Certificate

Industry Experience:
High Intensity Interval Training
Bootcamp / Group / Partner training 
Functional Training & Mobility
Heart Rate monitoring

Melody is an outgoing and motivating trainer who will always surprise you. 
She is an all-rounder: She speaks 3 languages, is a qualified Architect, a Dive Master Scuba Diver, swimming instructor and a bit of a geek. Now, she works as a PT/fitness instructor while finishing her MBA… Why? Because she loves it!

She began sharing her passion for fitness from the age of 16 years old, doing classes for older adults and children at the local council. Later, she became a demonstrator for Wii Fit, worked in 5 star hotels as a captain/snorkelling instructor, and served as a life saver in Nice (France).

In Australia for almost 8 years, she now calls Australia home and is looking forward to a career in fitness management.

She believes that fitness should be fun in order to be part of everyday life. Therefore, Melody will work with you to find your own path to health and wellbeing.

You’ll recognise her easily thanks to her pink hair and her motorbike helmet. 
Come to say hi if you see her, or join one of her Group Exercise classes.
For more information on Personal Training with Melody, please click on the link and we will be in touch with you very soon! 

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