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Gym Strength Equipment Upgrades - 29 March - 4 April 2019

28 Mar 2019
Gym Strength Equipment Upgrades - 29 March - 4 April 2019

Following on with gym upgrades in the centre the removal, relocation and installation of new strength training equipment will take place throughout the gym shortly. Through listening to member feedback, consultation with experts and to replace equipment that is becoming more difficult to maintain, the gym layout will undergo some changes starting this Friday the 29th of March and completing on Wednesday the 3rd and Thursday the 4th of April.

While the gym will remain open there will be some disruption to normal gym use and access through this time as equipment is removed or relocated and then installed on the 4th of April.

The timeline for work will be as follows

Friday the 29th of March from 8am- Large cable multi-station in the main area of the gym will be disassembled and removed from the gym. 
o    The area around the multi station will be closed while the removal takes place to ensure safety with equipment moved where possible around the gym for use. 
o    The bench presses from strength room 1 to be moved into this space by the afternoon.  
o    There will be less cable machines available during this time so please make training adjustments and use lat pulldowns, seated rows and duel action pulleys that are available on the gym floor. 
o    More cable options to be installed on Thursday the 4th of April

Wednesday the 3rd of April from 6am- Access to the centre from High Street limited, please use the entry on campus side where possible. 
o    Wellness studio and limited areas of the gym will be closed as equipment is relocated or removed throughout the day. 

Thursday the 4th of April from 8am- limited areas of the gym will be closed at times as equipment is delivered and installed. Please take care and follow direction from staff and observe signage.

Highlights of the equipment upgrades are as follows: 

Expansion of the dumbbell space to make it easier to get a bench and the dumbbells you want in peak times.

o    New Life fitness adjustable benches replacing the current adjustable benches plus extra benches expanding on existing training space.
o    We are doubling the dumbbells available in the gym by adding a whole new set of dumbbells over 2 racks on the opposite side to the existing dumbbells (10 to 40kg- 2 pair from 10 to 25kg). 
o    Moving all the bench presses into the same room making it easier to train upper body in the same space with minimal downtime between sets.
o    Removal of the large cable multi-station in this space as it has reached the end of its life to be replaced with a life fitness multi station.

Creation of a cable and functional training space in the centre of the gym.

o    Relocation of Torque pin loaded machines to our upstairs wellness studio to create gym floor space.
o    Installation of a life fitness multi station including seated row, Lat pulldown and 2 high/low pulley stations.
o    Relocation of the 2 duel action pulleys into the cable space for functional training, additional high/low/adjustable pulleys and cable cross overs. 

New Leg machine new racks and adjustment of training space for squats.

o    Racks will be removed in the dumbbell training area to make way for the extra benches and dumbbells
o    To replace those racks new Hammer Strength HD Elite half racks will be installed in Strength room 1.   
o    Long awaited New Hammer Strength plate Loaded Hack Squat installed in Strength room 1

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We hope you enjoy the new equipment and training space and thank you for your patience during the installation period. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these upgrades, please speak with our friendly staff in centre or contact us via the button below. 



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