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Swimming Lessons

Swimming and water safety skills are just part of what your child will gain at YMCA Swimming Lessons.

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What are YMCA Swimming Lessons?

Swimming and water safety skills are just part of what your child will gain with YMCA Swimming Lessons. 

Swimming strokes such as freestyle and backstroke are an important part of swimming. However it’s vital your children learn personal survival skills, not for just the pool, but rivers, lakes and the ocean. With YMCA Swimming Lessons, your child will learn these lifesaving skills. They’ll also have access to the pool outside of lesson times and there’s no re-enrolment process. Our nationally accredited teachers give you regular feedback on progress, and a certificate after your child completes each level. 

At the UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre, we offer a range of learn-to-swim programs for every age and ability. Enrol today and take advantage of:

  • Direct Debit payment options
  • Easy re-enrolment for all learn-to-swim lessons
  • Quality classes and programs
  • Qualified and experienced staff



  • Adult Swimming Lessons

    It’s never too late to learn to swim!  Our programs offer a comprehensive and supportive learning environment where skills are taught in a simple step by step manner. Our experienced teachers cater to individual needs.


    In this program you will gain water confidence and basic swimming skills. Designed for adults who can’t swim or who have limited swimming ability.


    Caters for those that have basic swimming strokes. You will develop freestyle breathing and propulsion skills along with deep water swimming

    and activities.

    Advanced Stroke Correction

    For swimmers with confident swimming ability. The focus is on correction and lengthening of all strokes. Classes are tailored to suit class requirements.

    Want to feel more confident in the water? Whether you have no experience or are you just looking for advanced stroke correction, YMCA Adult Swimming Lessons at UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre are designed to assist people of all ages and abilities. Learn at your own pace in a supportive environment with our small group or individual classes.

    Block 3 Dates: Monday 4 July to Sunday 25 Septemberl 2016 (12 weeks)
    Block 4 Dates: Monday 26 September to Sunday 18 December 2016 (12 weeks) No classes Labour Day 3 October


    - Student/ UNSW Staff: $222.00 (12 weeks x $18.50 per lesson)
    - General Public: $264.00 (12 weeks x $22.00 per lesson)

    To enquire about enrolment, please call the Swim School Desk on 02 9385 6267 or the centre on 02 9385 4881. 

  • Squads

    Whether you’re a competitive or recreational swimmer, the Y has a swim squad that’s just right for you. Drills, stroke correction and advice on technique from professional coaches will help you get the most from your program, reach your goals, and get fit and have fun in the process.

    Click here for more information.

  • Holiday Intensive Swimming Program

    The holiday intensive program is designed to give your child the extra attention their swimming may need. Whether they are new to the program, they have plateaued at a certain level or you’d just like to see a little more progress. Holiday Intensives are often just what they need to get them moving through the program a little faster.

  • Happy Nappy® Policy

    Children aged three and under are required to wear swimwear that fits firmly around the waist and legs - an aquatic Happy Nappy® when in the pool. You will be able to purchase a Happy Nappy® (washable and reusable) from the front desk. Parents and children will be asked to vacate the pool if they do not adhere to this policy.
    We encourage all parents to take their children to the bathroom prior to entering the pool for their swimming lessons or leisure play.